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🍻 We’ve got some exciting news for you. Our award-winning Miner Black Lager is coming back November 10th! This isn’t just any beer, it’s a testament to our love for the craft and tradition of brewing. 🏆

Our Miner Black Lager is a German Style Schwarzbier that pours a deep, mysterious black. It’s got an unexpectedly rich mouthfeel, with an intense roast and a smoky whisper that pays homage to the traditional German schwarzbier. The taste? Imagine a smooth, roasty brew with notes of black coffee and espresso, all culminating in a satisfyingly dry finish.

It’s not quite as rich as a stout, but it’s definitely on its way there. This re-release is your perfect excuse to experience this intriguing brew. So here’s to those chill nights and the love of great beer! 🍺 Cheers from all of us at Czig Meister!