Do you sell kegs for my home kegerator?2021-02-24T12:40:24-05:00

Yup, but we recommend you call ahead to see what we have available. We sell sixtels/pub kegs and half kegs. We can only fill our own kegs.

Can I bring wine or other spirits to the Tasting Room?2021-02-24T12:39:29-05:00

Nope. Outside alcohol is prohibited and can put our license at risk.

Can I rent the brewery for a private party?2023-12-15T09:40:59-05:00

For groups larger than 15, please email tastingroom@czigmeisterbrewing.com for information.

Can I buy your beer at a local liquor store?2021-02-24T12:37:34-05:00

Yes! We are currently available for purchase in 18 out of 21 counties. Don’t see us in your favorite liquor store? Let them know you want to see us there, or take advantage of our new home delivery services through czigmeister.shopsettings.com!

Can I bring my dog?2021-02-24T12:36:53-05:00

Yes please! We welcome your friendly, leashed four-legged friends at the brewery. Warning: we might get distracted by your dog and want to cuddle it forever, our apologies in advance. We’re not alone though, so we recommend your furry friends stay at home if they do not like being pet by strangers.

Are you family friendly?2021-07-26T10:25:04-04:00

Of course! However, all minors MUST be supervised at all times. Children are welcome as long as they are well-behaved and with an adult at all times. We are a working production brewery, not a playground. Your safety is our main concern. Please be aware though, from 6pm until close on Wednesday through Saturday all patrons must be 21 and over. Must be 21 and over in order to sample our beer.

Do you fill growlers?2021-07-26T10:25:24-04:00

You bet! Just make sure your glassware is CLEAN. If you need glassware, we have both 32 & 64 oz available for sale. All items that are available in cans are not available to get in growlers, as well as nitro beers and small batches.

What hours are you open?2022-11-29T11:34:11-05:00



I love your merch, can I buy it online?2021-02-24T12:33:36-05:00

At this time, merchandise is available to buy at the brewery only. We will be looking into shipping options in the near future, so keep an eye out on our online store at czigmeister.shopsettings.com.

I hear you offer home delivery, how do I get an order in?2021-07-26T10:25:32-04:00

We do offer home delivery services through our current online store at czigmeister.shopsettings.com. We offer home delivery to 18 out of 21 counties, where you can find all the latest beers and get them right at your doorstep. While this is no contact delivery, we must have a valid ID displaying the person receiving the order is over the age of 21. The three counties we ​do not​ deliver to at this time are Cumberland, Salem, and Cape May County.

Do you offer tours?2021-07-26T10:25:40-04:00

Of course! Our open floor plan allows you to experience the brewing equipment up close and personal. We encourage every visitor to tour our facility, get familiar with brewing, and learn about the styles of beer that we offer on tap.

Do you offer any gluten-free options?2021-02-24T12:29:50-05:00

In 2020, we released our line of Hard CZeltzers! These hard seltzers are gluten free, 2g of carb, and only 110 calories each!

Where should I park when I visit the Tasting Room?2021-02-24T12:29:18-05:00

We have our own parking lot located behind Dollar General, where you can find convenient parking with direct access to the brewery. Lots full? Hackettstown has a few parking lots off of Main Street as well as lots of street parking.

Do you serve food?2021-02-24T12:28:56-05:00

We do not offer food at the brewery (NJ State Law for Production Breweries), but we encourage you to bring food with you to enjoy with your beer. Feel free to bring something from home or order from one of the amazing restaurants in Hackettstown – some will even deliver straight to you at the brewery!

What styles of beer do you offer?2022-11-29T12:37:27-05:00

We pride ourselves in offering a variety of styles for every beer drinker. We offer 6 year-round style beers, 3 year-round natural flavors of Hard Seltzers, New England IPAs, Sour, IPAs, and a variety of big boozy stouts and barrel aged beers.

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