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Step into the fantasy world with +5 Wit, our newest addition to the Czig lineup. A Belgian-style wheat beer that’s as enchanting as a legendary quest. This brew is a nod to the thrill of role-playing games, where a +5 bonus can turn the tide of an epic battle.

Brewed with a magical blend of coriander and orange peel, +5 Wit offers a taste that’s as adventurous as your favorite game. The coriander adds a layer of complexity, while the orange peel infuses a refreshing twist, making each sip an exciting journey.

Just like a well-played game, this beer is all about balance and strategy. The flavors are carefully balanced to ensure that no single note overpowers the other, resulting in a brew that’s harmonious and enjoyable.

So, gather your party, raise your glasses, and toast to the +5 Wit. It’s not just a beer, it’s an epic tale in every can. Cheers!